Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Things I do...

... to tell a story.
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Well, they're not as bad as you might think. But still: Product Endorsement? Who would've thought...

Slick Flick
So, there's this app for the I-Thingees called Slick Flick. You can do stories with it. My username on Slick Flick is @Eberhorn - or maybe it's without the "@", I'm not sure how that works. If you have one of those I-Thingees go get the free app, and like my stories, already. They`re totally likeable.

Me, I don't really have an I-Thingee, so it took my across-the-hall neighbor, the wonderfully twisted Lunartik Creator Matt Jones, to tell me about it.

Matt Jones
Actually, what he said was something like:
"You smell like a poor person. Take a look at this, maybe you'll get me rich... I mean, uhm, get you rich. Yes. That's what I meant." Yeah, he's a peach.

About the Lunartiks:

They're little aliens from another dimension, that live in Tea-Cups, which they use like portals to travel through time and space.

Matt's an "artist". Go figure.

Anyway, Slick Flick is a... story-boarding app. You take pictures and make stories. Slick Flick gives you several "Themes" to work with, then you can add characters, and objects and captions from those themes to your pictures or chosen backgrounds. A few of the themes are done by a similar number of Vinyl Toy artists, one of which is Matt Jones with his Lunartiks (in case you were wondering where that was going). Also, case in point, The Slick Flick Lunartik Theme is the very first time that Lunartik Legs were shown. Yes. It's true!

So, basically, Matt asked me to do stories with his Lunartik-Theme, in exchange for which he will lend me his I-Pod, a tiny little thing I use for nothing else but to do these stories in the first place. It seemed like a good deal at the time. I don't know why.

On to the important part: 

The Stories. They've already gotten their very own blog, too, @:
Tales of the Lunartiks

There are six different "series", and, for your convenience, I've listed and linked them all here:

1. Mr. T's Wonderful World of Tea
It's Mr. T telling you all about "Tea". Every single "-Tea" he can find. In the Dictionary.

2. Lunar Shorts
Short funny stories from the Lunar-Verse. That's like the Uni-verse, but different.

3. Travellers Between Worlds
Once in every Lunartik's life they embark on an epic journey into other dimensions. Stuff happens. And there's usually some screaming involved...
(Featuring additional artwork by Cavey, MakieLab, Usagi, Wippo and Slick Flick)

4. A little love...
Lunartik goes romantic. No, seriously.

5. Other stuff... and stuff
Stories from the Slick Flick Crypt...

and the, obviously limited, but very special

6. Lunar Christmas Countdown 2013
Counting Down, one day and one Cartoon at a time...

If you like Matt's work, why not join his Lunartik in a Cup of Tea - Fan Club on Facebook.

But honestly, my stories are much more important than his stuff... ;)

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