Sunday, November 4, 2012

Things NOT to expect here...

There are too many blogs. You should know. You're reading one right now, and not really for any obvious reasons, except maybe pathological boredom, insomnia, or a typo when looking for your favorite incestuous porn site - the last of which might be stretching it a bit, but we'll call that creative license. In fact, I plan on blithely brandishing that specific mulligan quite frequently to get me out of literal situations I have no one to blame for but myself.

So, what will you find here - or rather what will you not find here?

As already might be evident, a certain level of decorum will be markedly absent throughout this blog. Bland, boring and politically correct statements might occur, but not once will they be intentional, unless intentionally meant to mock you.
The main topic of these blogs will be video games in general, with a slightly more cynical and world-weary outlook than what the major VG news outlets might provide, but I will expand my purview should I see fit.
These blogs might not cover the newest releases of anything - unless I feel like it and can afford them - but I will tell the things I think need telling, whether anyone listens or not.
My choice of words may at times seem offensive, but only to people that lack the IQ necessary to understand the ironic, sarcastic and/or cynical genius at work here. Should you still feel offended, well, you probably deserve it, and I will welcome it as an unexpected bonus.

This is where it begins. Nobody knows where it might go...

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